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The Hive aims to host immigrant entrepreneurs by providing them with the services and tools they need to speed up the start of their business.

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The guidance I received from the Hive when I was looking to start my own business helped me a great deal in making my final decision to open up my business. I’ve met with an accountant, a lawyer and many other professionals, through this program. We can benefit from different types of training which gives us the tools to better manager our businesses. With the help of Kim Chamberlain’s contacts, she was able to find me a rental space at the Bathurst Waterfront. Kim does not hesitate to promote our business at any networking activity; we are always invited to different events and this gives us an opportunity to be recognized by not only the business community but also the residents of the Chaleur region. I greatly appreciate the help I received from the Hive in opening my own business

NICOLE REDON De fil en aiguille

Without the support of the Hive and especially Kim Chamberlain, we would not have had this opportunity of buying an existing business. We received valuable advice and we were put in contact with the right people at the right time. Listening skills, giving advice, support and great professionalism are the characteristics of the Hive.


We arrived as a family in New Brunswick at the end of August 2017. We were immediately accompanied by the Hive and more precisely, Kim Chamberlain in our business venture which was to buy an existing business in Bathurst. We’ve met with the sellers, had appointments with an accountant, a lawyer, different bankers etc. It was very important for us to be able to rely on her experience and professional advice. By the beginning of November 2017, we became the happy owners of the Bed & Breakfast, Gîte l’Étoile du Havre, located on Youghall drive facing the Gowan Brae Golf & Country Club. We are two minutes away from the Youghall beach and the Marina. We received valuable guidance from the very first day we met Kim Chamberlain during our exploratory visit in 2015. This continued when we arrived and purchased our business and still continues today with accounting training, professional advice and on going networking opportunities.


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